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March 14, 2009



I'm all for bring the shady gaggle of NXIVM'ers out into the open...if such a thing is possible...but I think you're going a bit off-target here. First of all, I'm sure you're aware the TU doesn't own the TU Center, no more than Pepsi owned it several years ago. Certainly, they have a stake in people coming to the arena and seeing that name. But would it be enough for them to whitewash an event?

What has clouded the issue is a particularly dubious reporter for the paper who has written some very outlandish articles for the paper as of late. Her most recent masterpiece was an article that assure readers accused terrorist Steve Raucci was NOT involved in a 10-year-old bombing in Clifton Park, in which the REAL bomber was pretty easily identified shortly after he killed himself. So I guess my point is don't mistake controversy for reporter incompetence.

Also, Yusko didn't get 'pulled' from the NXIVM 'beat' so to speak. Rather he's got his plate full with Saratoga coverage. And when a group is a shady as this one, it's not like they're dripping stories to begin with.

But what IS a story here –and an interesting one at that –is that NXIVM is trying their darnedest to whitewash their tarnished image. And they're sending legal teams out to confront those who don't conform with this image. I've thought about writing something myself, but who needs the fucking hassle.

By the by, Jim Odato did a very extensive piece mentioning the group in 2007. That was followed by a couple of mentions in October of that year and then a really bull-shit fluff piece about Barbara Bouchy in 2008.

Chet Hardin

Good points, Horatio, but I do wonder how any comment of the criticism surrounding NXIVM escaped the original piece that announced the Dalai Lama's visit and why it took two months for the paper to remind it's readers that NXIVM is to some "cult-like."
As far as Yusko, I imagine that he is busy, but no other reporter in the area was as plugged into NXIVM than he was at one point. The group might not be dripping with stories, but they have been out there. Yusko was producing multiple stories a year on the group before Aug. 2006, and then after that, nothing. Why? I would like to know whether or not it is because he stopped looking.
But you are right, Odato's report on the group's political spending is thorough.

S. Lithgow

The second-ranking official at NXIVM may have been Nancy Salzman.

Regarding the sudden stop of the articles, would that be about the time that NXIVM filed the lawsuit against Ross? Perhaps Yusko got nervous.

I see your name showing up in court transcripts, Chet.

Chet Hardin

The lawsuit against Ross was filed before Yusko stopped reporting on NXIVM. I don't think Yusko got nervous. He is a good reporter, and I don't believe he would be easily deterred by the threat of a lawsuit. Besides, according to Rick Ross, and as far as I know, NXIVM has never sued a publication.
And yeah, I am mentioned in United States District Court documents. http://tinyurl.com/cqlgkr:
"On or about July 4, 2006, Chet Hardin, a reporter for the Albany based weekly newspaper, Metroland, contacted Ross to discuss the story about NXIVM’s efforts to investigate him and to lure him onto a cruise ship.
Seemingly, Hardin had a copy of the Interfor Report on Ross, which was provided to him by O’Hara. It appears that O’Hara was also the source of the news story. . . During Hardin’s and Ross’ conversation, Hardin read excerpts of the Interfor Report, particularly passages that unveiled the investigation into Ross’ banking transactions.
On or about August 10, 2006, this story was published in Metroland."


Sorry, Chet, but you are looking for media conspiracies that don't exist. Maybe you should try reporting on the hollow Earth theory.

Chet Hardin

Right, conspiracy. Pompous, dismissive--which department did you say you work in at the TU?

Toni Foley

"Silence shows no direction"
Listen for the silence it's coming.
For my brother
Toni Natalie

Toni Foley

Lefty Why don't you find our what happen to the blog Nano-Burgh from these Tech Valley times What's the Dalai Lama Gotten Himself Into? it was only up for a day or two around 2/5/2009 now it's gone...or what was really going on when the Forbes came out. Hey you forgot about the story in the Village voice "secret agent schmuck" Has anyone found Kristen Snyder yet maybe the Dalai Lama knows were she is

Jus Curious

Why no news on the fact you (Metroland)are now being sued by NXIVM to the tune of $65 million?



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