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February 22, 2010


Former NXIVM Student

It boggles the mind that this Vanguard pimp - and his front woman (no pun intended), Nurse Nancy, are still getting away with this kind of crap. Are all of the Fed and State investigators too busy to take a look at them - or has the Bronfmans money bought them immunity?


Money can buy much. The whole world is corrupt. When frauds like Raniere can get away with stuff, celebrities join in the fun, the whole world is fu|

Spoiled rich girl with self confidence and Daddy issues

That Vanguard is soooooo dreamy!

How do I join his harem?


This is the first time I heard this one, Reniere is such a scumbag.

Boggles my mind

Vanguards followers must not read any thing about him.If even 1/10 is true that is in the public legal documents than Justin is right and Vanguard is a scumbag. How can his people still follow him. Are they sheep? Are they blind? Do they read? "Stupid is what stupid does" Forrest Gump


   It's mechanisms of devotion, shame & guilt techniques, and a good deal of artfully tailored propaganda making this all look like a big conspiracy, not necessarily against Raniere himself, but in fact against the espians (members of NXIVM/ESP) and their (actually in truth mostly well-intended and honourable) goals and dreams. This is what they see now, not his potential faults, but the non-espians, the so-called ‘suppressives’ and ‘shifters’’ attempts at ‘destroying values’, at stopping them from doing good by bringing everybody Raniere’s (ostensibly NXIVM’s) ‘world ethics’.

   It is a standard tactic in any form of information control, the induced shift in perception: if you can’t prevent them from seeing the news, make the news seem like the propaganda of an all out attack orchestrated by a long-defined group of archetypal archenemies.

Mobile Surveillance

Barbara Bouchey is one of the inspiring women. she gives an example of her braveness here. but some scumbag people never understand this fact.


Bouchey is simply an exemplification of "no honor among thieves". She was more than happy to go along with Raniere's schemes while he was manipulating others, until she got screwed over herself. It seems like making amends for her collusion is simply a side effect of regaining her losses. Regardless, this a case where the house should be burned down from the inside.

Miami private investigator JRS

It always amazes me how people will continue to follow and support someone like Vanguard who seems to be so completely...nuts.

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