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March 22, 2010


What The

Come on Nicki Cline from Battlestar Galactica, Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk from Smallville. They are all involved in NXIVM and were before the festival. Rumor has it Nicki moved to Albany to be with the in crowed of NXIVM followers and Allison visits often. Hopefully Kristin has moved on to better things but rumor has it her boyfriend Mark Hildreth is still deeply involved and both Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth coach and the new NXIVM center in Vancouver BC. They were recurred by multi-cult follower Mark Vicente who did the cult infomercial movie for JZ Knight and what is considered a cult Ramatha. Mark Vicente jumped ship from Ramatha and joined the cult like group NXIVM. Just like some people go from relationship to relationship without considering what is wrong - Mark Vicente seems to go from cult like group to cult like group

The Horndog

nxivm ho's are the key to the palace. pick which one you desire; and a $$$ tag is attahced to each

it IS a good selection i might add

ben lives on

Hey where's the love baby,you poached that link from me. just some credit were credit is due.

Chet Hardin

Seriously, Ben? You really wanna start this with me?
I linked exactly to where I got the patent application from--the Rick Ross Web site forum. The question is, where did you get it from? Since you didn't link, I am guessing that you found it in your extensive research rather than "poaching" it from the same place I did?

ben lives on

Sorry chief.I got my link from here

lighten up I run a zero budget unpaid operation.
Not a single escort or dial a date advertiser.
Strictly volunteers.
So my apology.


Hmm. I remember the first "A Cappella Innovations" in 2007. I took a couple of photos:
As you can see, it wasn't that packed. It was only after I shelled out $20 and sat down that I noticed the big banner behind the stage, proudly quoting Keith Raniere. Needless to say, though the show was OK, I was really unhappy I had accidentally "sponsored" this organization.

I had been aware of NXIVM for some time now (after discovering a few of my "social friends" were members), and it was pretty clear most of the bands they had invited had no clue about this umbrella either; I watched with amusement the mystery unfold on rarb.org later on.

Now I haven't much respect for NXIVM, and I'm on my toes when I interact with its members, but I'd like to tone down the conspiracy a bit here; you can legitimately doubt "Simply Human" is a cover, but really, it's not that bad. I know a few of them, and they just wanted to get the ball rolling with the project, do something new; I actually enjoyed watching a friend progress until the day of the performance. And Mike Baker, in the background of the video, is actually a great musician.

I guess I'm stating the obvious here, but this cult is not a total disaster: sure thing, Vanguard and Prefect deserve to be put in the spotlight, but walking down the pyramid, there isn't a legion of drones. Some of them are well adjusted, and I've been to a few parties without them pressuring me to join (they'll try at some point, though).

Chet Hardin

Neat photos, S. Thanks.

I wasn't at the 2007 event, but I was at the 2008 show. It was packed. Maybe I am not remembering correctly, but the theater was nearly filled.

I'm not trying to say anything about Simply Human as people. I've met Mike, and I liked him. He seemed friendly as hell. Most of the people involved with Nxvim, currently or in the past, that I have met have been sane, intelligent and friendly.

And I'm all for toning down the conspiracy, but as far as the concerns that A Cappella Innovations was a cover for Nxivm, you're gonna have to take that up with the kids on the RARB forum.

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