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March 23, 2010



The girls seem like nice people who were swindled by a con man because their trust barriers were weak due to something possibly being missing in their lives. Everyone has been fooled before. They should just learn from this and move on and realize their self-fulfillment or happiness can only be found within themselves. The arrogant - like Raniere, although he seems to go to great lengths to present himself not to be - are always humbled. This is the nature of reality.


The link you provided didn't work.


I am curious in the actual numbers of nxivm devotees after this $100 million dollar loss. Have they actually lost membership because of this or do the kool aid drinking masses go on? My impression is that the devoted are still devoted. Any ideas?

Can we get a good link to the new court documents?


My guess is many are still devoted, but the smart ones who trust their gut have left. The problem is being a cult, it's most likely used thought reform techniques and built a dependency through different means including personal relationships that make it difficult to leave. Those whose "friends" are primarily in it would find a difficult time leaving unless their family intervened, and even then it's possible that it could still be so. Those who may have some friends in it, but more outside of it, would probably not have such a hard time. If I had someone I cared about involved in it, I would most likely try to get their family involved, especially if they still have strong bonds with them. "Blood is thicker than water" it is said. Unfortunately, if they don't, then it become problematic because Raniere, the manipulative person that he is, most likely would have attempted to destroy those relationships. I'm sure if he wanted someone bad enough (maybe to join his harem or for financial reasons), he'd even try to use those bonds to recruit the family into it as well.


Funny, the sisters seem to still be involved. I'm almost certain that there have been few detractors if they are still hanging around, letting Raniere take advantage of them. If the ones who have been the most wronged are not angry or upset with the cult's leader, the ones who still have some of their money left don't seem unwilling to part with it. Now, if the sisters DID leave, I think many would follow suit.

True about the friends in the group. They do become almost like family and it is hard to get rid of your best friends, especially if they want you to continue on with them in the cult.

Someone help them, please?


Raniere is a fraud. Anyone who follows him is too.


How come the NXIVM manual doesn't have a chapter on suing people? It seems like they are doing it all the time. They must be experts on it, along with of course, conning people into wasting their money and time.

Keith is my hero

Yeah, that patent application was published in 2003:


Just an application, he has no patent for this.


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