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June 17, 2010


ben lives on

Statement from Barbara Bouchey

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Re: Ruling in US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of New York

“I am very pleased with the court’s ruling today to allow my Chapter 11 filing to proceed, and to reject the motion by the Bronfmans to interfere with this process. I am anxious to move forward with the difficult but necessary task of reorganizing my business and personal finances.

My involvement in and cooperation with the extensive ongoing litigation surrounding NXIVM and its principals has been very costly to me personally and I have no choice but to seek relief from the bankruptcy court at this time.

However, I am pleased the judge denied the Bronfman’s request to continue their lawsuit against me in California, and that both parties have now agreed that case (Bronfman v. Bouchey, LA Superior Court) will be withdrawn.

I look forward to getting my financial reorganization plan in place with the federal court and returning full time to my financial planning practice.


Awesome victory for Bouchey. I can imagine it now from the upper levels of NXIVM management telling their (unfortunately) brainwashed followers how much of a struggle Jesus and other ethical leaders of the past like him had to see their vision through and how this is an "unfortunate setback" due to evil "suppressives" and their machinations, as if Vanguard, Prefect and the Brofman sisters are even remotely comparable to the likes of them.


Yeah, I don't think Jesus, Gandhi, Moses, or their kind could blow through $100 million dollars like Raniere and company can! In that, they've got them beat!

 fed up

More like Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff and Robert Hendy-Freegard. Do you think the Guinness World of Records has a record for Greatest Con Man.

arrest them now

Hope Vanguard see the inside of the District Attorney office real soon. This man and his handy woman Salzman need to be investigated. That would be a better use of our tax dollars than what he is stealing from us by using our tax dollars with these bull shit law suits he and his followers file.

Do he, NXIVM or Salzman even pay taxes? The must be making a butt load of money to pay for all these law suits.

compassion rules

As a former student of NXIVM/ESP I on behalf of Barbara Bouchey would like to say that she believed as I did that certain "people" were ethical human beings, until I believed otherwise. How did I come to this conclusion? Just like Barbara did through experience. 98% of the people who are involved in NXIVM are wonderful grassroots kinda people like myself who are looking for a way to change themselves and the world. However it's not these people who should be persecuted, so please don't. I have a saying "You only know when you know". When Barbara and some others finally knew the real story they left. However the others do not "YET" know. That's what their afraid of and that's why they have targeted Barbara. What people need to realize is that because she has taken personal responsibility and action she has taken an incredible hit personally and professionally. This my friends is "Ethical Behavior". She's made a mistake and is fixing it please be kind to her in this very difficult and trying time because this could have been you and how would you like to be treated. Think about it. A Supporter and Humanitarian friend of Barbara's


I just saw this posted at http://saratogaindecline.blogspot.com/2010/06/phish-spac-june-19-2010.html#comments:

Tomorrow the never before published story of the NXIVM child named Gailen who is being raised by Kristen Keeffe in accordance with Raniere's {VANGUARD} theories on child rearing (This includes total isolation from other children - and being raised by 5 nannies who each speak a different language);

I feel sorry for that kid. I think child services should think about getting involved.


While I agree with "compassion rules" that most who partake in the group are "wonderful grassroots kinda people", enough is enough. It's time to pack up and stop making excuses amongst each other for people like Raniere. Sociopaths deserve no sympathy.


Clare Bronfman writes in her blog:

"...I hope to transform many injustices existing in the world, including bringing to light the truth regarding Keith Raniere."

Thank you Clare. You have indeed brought for the truth regarding Mr. Raniere. Without your millions for him to gamble away, oppress and harass other people with through frivolous lawsuits, families of members who have been negatively affected by NXIVM, and even those who didn't care but became involved because someone they cared about was, would never have seen the vindictive, psychopathic, and manipulative tendencies of someone apparently so "ethical".

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