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August 17, 2010



Love it!

But there is one flaw in the silliness...I never claimed to be fair, unbiased or a journalist. Whine away.

Metroland, the least you could do is provide a link to ACO so that folks have a chance to "love ACO!"



Wrong again, Ms. Grafflin. Then why do you seek out press credentials? Why do you sit where the other *real* journalists sit during Albany Common Council Meetings? And why does WRGB, a reputable journalism entity, feature your blog on their website? Do you get paid for those services? Actions speak louder than words, Ms. Grafflin.

Sally Green

"I never claimed to be fair, unbiased or a journalist."

Then why are you given access as if you were? And, why do you insinuate yourself into places as if you are? Too much time on your hands?

Your "stories" are screeds of bias, misinformation and nastiness.

Your grammar and spelling show your lack of decent schooling. I guess no one ever bothered to point out to you that these things count.

Shawn Stone

Fair enough. I will add a link to ACO immediately.

Sally Green

why bother? People can find that crap on their own. This was a piece about people getting fed up with her abuse.


Fairness. Imagine that, Ms. Grafflin.

Sick of ACO

Metroland staff - please consider rescinded your support of this bias pipeline of venom. Don't ever call her a journalist, she is NOT. If she were on a street corner spewing this crap, we could pelt her with eggs. Sadly, she is a somewhat talented writer who bullies people while hiding as a reporter.

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