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September 03, 2010



Welcome to the REAL Tea Party !

We're the infiltrators and the agitators and the motivators and the perpetrators

We shine the light on the darkness, cast light on doubt and cast doubt on the truth

We tell you the things you don't want to see and show you the things you don't want to hear

There's no candyman and no boogieman

There's boogieMEN and boogieWOMEN

And they own the country and they own you and they own me. They own your land and they own your house and they own your car. They own your streets and they own your towns and they own your villages

And it's all because we LET them

You let them and I let them and we ALL let them do it because it's more important to know who's on American Idol than it is to know who actually OWNS this country

And the people who own this country would rather let you watch LOST than to let you figure out just how really lost we are

The people who run this country are the same people who own this country, and it's not the politicians

It's those names you keep hearing over and over again even though there's a new president in the white house

It's just like watching an episode of 24, where every year there's a new president, but the people in the white house are the same faces over and over again

And now here's the big part. The part that nobody wants to hear.

The corruption is all over. And not just in the government. It's in our schools and in our homes and in our towns and in our churches. And it's there because it's in ourselves

Glenn Beck might be a rodeo clown, but he did get this part right. We need to fix ourselves before we'll be able to fix our government

As long as the corruption is in our homes and towns and schools and churches, then the people we elect that COME FROM our homes and towns and schools and churches are going to be corrupt

That's right. The government sucks because PEOPLE suck

And none of that is going to change until you and I make a change that comes from within ourselves

And once we change ourselves, the people who run for office are going to change, and they'll no longer be vulnerable to the greed and corruption from the owners of the country

And then the country will finally be ours again

But it's got to START from within

Luckily, there's only 300,000,000 in this country

And we've only got to change MOST of them

None of this is going to be pretty, because it means that we have to take a good long look in the mirror and see things that none of us wants to admit are there

The Angry Journalist

While I'm all for the Tea Party and against censorship, using a picture you'd see on rotten.com reeks of "attention whore".

THANK GOD we haven't reached the point where we're desensitized to the point that a blown-open human skull is mundane.

Obviously they're using extreme measures to make a point, but at some point it's not just bad taste it's completely inappropriate and in the long run HURTS the cause because it gives all the hater and naysayers perfect ammo.

C'mon Tea Party, you're better than that.

Kevin Marshall

Who knew that you couldn't post a photo of a dead guy on a newspaper's website with the inside of his skull fully exposed with no warning to the readers or anyone else?

Oh, anyone with common sense. Nevermind.

It's my hope (and belief) the Tea Party blog will be back as soon as all of this is sorted out. In the meantime, yeah. Holy crap.




Have the anarchists hijacked the Tea Party? I'm a follower of the Tea Party and have always believed there were core principles we all stood for, among which were fiscal conservatism, personal freedoms, and constitutional government. I thought we stayed away from hot button subjects like abortion, and religion, because neither of us can change entrenched opinions. So what was the purpose of introducing a controversial picture unrelated to the above? I hope the TU hasn't suspended the Tea Party blog forever because one contributor went off the track. If the anarchists want to do their own thing they should apply for a separate blog where they can go nutty amongst themselves.


I have been involved in the Tea party locally but have become increasingly concerned over the anarchist element that had taken over. I'm glad to see them being called out and exposed since many of us have been forced to distance ourselves. Valerie, Kevin and apparently Spyder (if his ridiculous, rambling comment endorses these tactics) have really exposed themselves as radicals. Unfortunately in the meantime they have also made us all look like morons. Thanks guys.

By the way Spyder, I agree that we all need to work on improving ourselves and holding to higher standards. How does showing a man with his head blown off do that again? Please.


I agree with Spyder comment above. Tea Party is overrun with political hacks.
And the TU blog was wearing thin.
I also would have liked to see the whole article. Yo Metro - how about a repost of the whole article man? Too funny the TU got there pantys in a bunch.


I posted the link to those photos on facebook WITH A WARNING


The public needs to know about the brutality on the border while the government(s) standby and do nada. But I do agree that a worning was appropriate

Michael Nucci

Most likely something like this is posted by a Tea Party hater who is planted by the feds. There are agitators that the federal government routinely uses to instigate violence, which is then used as an excuse to make arrests.


Brilliant, Comrade Huber.
"But, more recently, the TU Staff prohibited any content or material related to the Albany Tea Party / Capital District Tea Party Leader."

Brian912 - Where on facebook? is there a link? I am not on facebook yet.

BTW - I know Val personally from the Tea Party event back in April and she is 100% patriot. Huber guy sounds like an idiot.


The point is the government is not telling us the full story and the press, such as the TU, does not disclose the entire truth. I don't know about you, but I want full transparency.

I commend Val for her spirit and courage.

"We have been labeled rebels, traitors, enemies of the state. All terms King George would have used to vilify our founders. I, for one, will always rebel against oppression, a traitor only to tyranny, and I would be remiss to not be the enemy of a state, that so blatantly tramples our freedoms." - Adam Kokesh Revolution March Speech July 12, 2008


My post, it was anything but rambling

Perhaps, it's facts you aren't ready for handling

My friends and I, we're all Patriots here

Maybe it's what you see in the mirror you fear


I'm with Kevin.
Holy Crap.
Not the way I'd go about getting people to listen, but that's just me.


Spyder, since when have you become the spokesperson for patriotic purity? Who even takes you seriously?

Val has threatened the local Tea Party movement with her absurdities, and whether it was intentional or not remains to be seen. That's not bravery, but rather a childish grasp for attention (I'm picturing my kids when they were younger stomping their feet in a tantrum). I just hope the Tea Party blog and reputation has not been permanently destroyed.

And to blame this on the Times Union is ridiculous. Why would they leave up something so heinous? Actually for once they did something right. Sounds like the typical whining of the liberals.

Here's a good persepctive for you nutters:

I fear the local Tea Party is toast.


"I have been involved in the Tea party locally but have become increasingly concerned over the anarchist element that had taken over."

Have you been active in the Tea Party or the Zea Party? If you've been in Mary's fantasy tea party it's time for you to wake up and move on. And if you've been rolled over into her latest desperate abomination "Rewind the Pubic" or whatever nonsense - YOU HAVE BEEN HOODWINKED AGAIN!
Mary and Patrick cooked up the Liberty Council as a strategy straight from the Saratoga Republican Committee. When they were exposed as frauds they re-invented themselves as the "Tea Party". Doubt it? Name anyone else in the "movement" who isn't a volunteer.


The "tea party" is primarily an attack machine against Democrats. It takes the EXACT same positions on every issue as the Corporate Lobbyists and the Republican Party. Groups such as "Freedomworks", "Americans for Prosperity", "Tea Party Patriots" are funded by Oil and Coal companies, Insurance companies, & Banks, and these groups are led by Republican politicians like Dick Armey, Sarah Palin, etc.
Local "tea partiers" have shown up at Congressman Scott Murphy's public events to yell insults at him. Congressman Scott Murphy happens to have stood up to the Corporate interests, by voting for Health Care reform, Wall St reform, and the Clean Energy bill. Murphy is a co-sponsor of the Fair Elections Now Act, which the Corporate Lobbyists particularly fear.
So if 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, is there any doubt that the "tea party" is an extension of the Republican party, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Multi-National Corporations which are ripping us all off?

Kelly Mapes

As a fellow contributor to the TU blog I can speak for myself that YOU Valerie and Kevin McCashon do not in any way shape of form represent the Tea Party and what we stand for. All of the other contributors are shocked and disturbed by your anarchist blogs. I do not in any way want to be associated with you or your views or your horrible rantings.





Many of the comments made here are about how radical the two TU bloggers are. The question is for me: What is the Tea Party Movement? The blogs that Valerie and Kevin have written (Valerie has put forth videos lately) are not radical nor are they anarchist in nature.

What has been posted on the TU blog by them has been more Constitutionalist than conservative, Republican, or neo-con in substance. As I have stated at the blog and will restate here, the Tea Party, is in fact, very much an arm of the traditional statist coercive government in Albany and Washington. Clearly, most Tea Partiers are dissatisfied Republicans and Independents who really don’t know why they are upset. The blogs are for the most part filled with either toadies of the Dick Armys, Newt Gingriches, Mitt Romneys, and the list goes on.

Most still adhere to the false model of the left versus the right, the Democrats versus the Republicans, the Liberals versus the Conservatives. Most still long for empire, socialism (Medicare, Social Security), guaranteed inflation, and most of what has been perpetrated on us since Teddy Roosevelt and before.

The true conflict is statist versus liberty. Most people in the US and of course, New York State, have been poorly educated as to our history and therefore are ignorant as to where we are now on the spectrum of politics and government types.

There is a very small, but earnest sub group in the Tea Party that are for liberty. The elections this fall and 2012 will wash away the Tea Party folks and leave a very educated, active, and resolute core of Liberty/Constitutionalists.

As to the picture, we need more such pictures (although I’m not sure about the context of the picture to the issue being discussed). It is very easy to coldly discuss issues such as war, abortion, government thuggery when the real images of the torture, death and brutality are not put in front of us. To not truly see what our culture is about coarsens us and makes us blind to the terrorists we have become.

Michelle Mulledy

Speaking as a fellow Tea Party blogger for the TU, I am writing to seperate myself from the rantings that were posted by Valerie Doane and her anarchist attitudes.In no way did Micheal Huber at the TU encourage this kind of writing on the blog.I think the posting put on by Valerie yesterday was thoughtless and deliberate.In no way do her actions represent my views. Michelle Mulledy


Mike Huber uses people.


Kelly, don't you realize that every time you mention Valerie or Kevin's name in public, you're actually HELPING their cause ?

You're giving them credence and granting them the validity you claim they don't deserve

Why follow them to a rival publication just to utter their names one more time in public ?

Shouldn't you just be glad they're gone and can no longer tarnish the lilly white public image of what you believe the tea party should be ?

Here's the problem that you're not seeing. Valerie was right. You and the TU want to only show the sanitized version of the "Tea Party"

Rah Rah, wave a flag and hold a sign, then go home to your wife and kids, secure in the knowledge that you've done your duty for life and Liberty

If bringing America back to the Constitution was that easy, don't you think it would have been done long ago ?

The problem is that it's NOT that easy. The enemies aren't just the democrats, but the republicans too. The whole damned system is full of greed and corruption, completely owned and operated by the secret organizations that nobody even believes exist (sorry Sammy, A.K.A. iktim, but you're wrong about us. YOU are as much a shill for the dems as you accuse US of being a shill for the repubs)

Sammy does have a point though. There ARE some tea party groups who haven't done all their homework. They still believe that the republicans can save us. They are, to quote algore, "not evil, just wrong"

At this point, I would like to acknowledge George Martin, who obviously GETS IT about us. We're not radical, or anarchist, we just see the bigger picture, and we're willing to act on it

WE are that sub group you were talking about

The point of most of Valerie's blogs and Kevin's blogs in the TU were, for the most part, about educating the public. It's not something you can do blatantly, so, sometimes it has to be done seruptisiously. Unfortunately, that doesn't always get the point across

Mary would like us to be, in her own word, "pragmatic" about the whole thing. Well, I can't do that. As I said in my speech on the steps of the capital on June 16 2009, "I don't want to vote AGAINST somebody, I want to vote FOR somebody". So, yes Mary, if that is what you would call "spokesperson for patriotic purity", then that's what I am, and as to "since when", well, like I said, June 16 2009, so it's not something that just happened yesterday. I feel that my vote should be an HONEST vote. If I am voting for Chris Gibson, it shouldn't be because "he's not scott murphy", it should be because "I believe in Chris Gibson"

And, finally, to Michelle...

Number 1. It's too bad her views don't represent you.

We could use more people like Valerie who are not afraid to be ridiculed for sticking to their convictions. It's easy to cheer for the popular team.

Guts is when you stick to your convictions even when they're "unpopular" or "radical"

Number 2. "thoughtless and deliberate".

Forgive me for not having a basic understanding of the English language, but, aren't those two words mutually exclusive ?

And in response to Carl4teapartypower...

I have one thing to say...

Carl Paladino for governor !


"Speaking as a fellow Tea Party blogger for the TU"
"As a fellow contributor to the TU blog"
"I have been involved in the Tea party locally but have become increasingly concerned"
"I'm a follower of the Tea Party"
Michelle Mulledy
Kelly Mapes
Who are you people? What "Tea Party" do you think you belong to? You really don't have a clue. What signs will you be waving in December? When was your last local "tea party" meeting that wasn't solely abut getting a candidate elected? Dupes. Get over yourselves.

"In no way did Micheal Huber at the TU encourage this kind of writing on the blog."

Of course he did. Page views = TU dollars.

And Mulledy - learn to spell so you can really "seperate" yourself. The little red dotted line means you spelled something wrong. As a "Tea Party blogger", shouldn't you know stuff like that?
Have fun in Mary's latest invention of a "tea party".

Kevin Marshall

What Valerie did was wrong wrong wrong, and there's absolutely no way that it could be justified. I call complete bulls*** on the accusations of censorship, and while I wish her the best in all her future endeavors, I for one am glad that she will no longer be associated with the TU blogs.

What she did wasn't just about making a statement. It was a desperate grab for attention from someone whose desire for attention, whether positive or negative, is clearly stronger than any principles she claims to uphold. What's worse, she did it at the expense of readers, many of whom weren't simply put off by traumatized by the image.

Kevin McCashion did no such thing, nor would he ever. I don't agree with Kevin in terms of his political philosophy, but I can say confidently that he'd never do such a thing. To group him in with Valerie is idiotic, irresponsible, and unfair. If you want to argue his principles, go do it on his post. But like him or not, he's a genuine guy and would never resort to such tactics.

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