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March 29, 2011



Nice bracket for times but the 905 works along with local services which are going to have extended hours. For a true look at transit options the #355 and #1 need to be included.

Shawn Stone

True, and I noted that in the post.

The point is that now there is direct, one-ride service between Albany and Schenectady that will no longer exist after BusPlus starts.


Good point Shawn. Why don't people traveling later deserve fast, one-seat service? It's late at night when I'd least like to be hanging out at a deserted bus stop waiting for a transfer.

Shawn Stone

Here's what happened yesterday (Sunday, April 3, BusPlus coming out day). I boarded the 355 at the Downtown Schenectady station under the railroad overpass at 5 PM. The bus was probably 2/3 full when it deposited all passengers at the Northway Mall stop. There were already a dozen people waiting for the Central Avenue No. 1. Fifteen minutes later at 5:55 PM, the 1 arrived and everyone boarded. It was immediately standing room only. By the time it reached the stop by Hannaford Plaza, there was no more room--a woman and 2 children were left to wait for the next No. 1.

It may simply be a matter of scheduling, but there are glitches in the late afternoon-evening Sunday service now. Plus a lot of unhappy passengers with no direct-service option.

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