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June 07, 2007


Johnny Kelly

I agree with you that this plan has its good and bad sides. I was born and raised in Albany and was kind of happy that finally people were coming up with ideas. I have noticed that over the past five years are area is becoming very attractive due to the amazing housing stock, proximity to NYC and Boston, and its culture. Like NY and Boston though I fear that the developers will gain an upperhand on the citizens of Albany and more or less turn it into a boutique city kind of like Cambridge ma, my new home. Albany needs to use its strengh, and I am confident that when people see what this city has they will want to be a part of it. Albany has the walkable streets that everyone craves, and brownstones that you never see. Unfortunatly, I am sure the politics of the city will drive away anyone who considers it. My family has been in Albany for 90 years and I left because of it. Such a shame for a city that has so much potential.

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