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March 13, 2008


Jason Brzoska

Well, I got an official rejection letter from the City last week... after I withdrew my candidacy in like November!

Scott Townsend

The Common Council met with the selected Committee members last Wednesday (4/16) in a caucus forum and the Council is supposed to vote in the members this Monday (4/21). I was impressed with the breadth and the depth of the constituencies, cultures, neighborhoods, ages and professions represented in the group. I personally am looking forward to the dialogue, ideas and diligently moving the comprehensive plan forward.

Also, I corresponded with Erin from AIA and it really does appear that we will have the final SDAT report in our hands in the next week or two. It may be late but it's timing works really well since it can act as a foundation for the plan and great starting point for dialogue amongst the Committee.

Richard Conti

Here's the text of the resolution adopted by the Common Council on 4/21/08 appointing the remaining members of the Comp Plan Board.



WHEREAS, on May 7, 2007 the Common Council adopted Resolution 25.31.07R (as amended) establishing the “City of Albany Comprehensive Plan Board” with the charge of developing a comprehensive plan in accordance with section 28-a of the NYS General City Law; and,

WHEREAS, such Board is to be comprised of 30 members to be appointed by the Common Council; and

WHEREAS, Resolution 25.31.07R (as amended) designated 10 ex-officio members, one of whom shall be a member of the Planning Board; and

WHEREAS, upwards of 100 individuals expressed interest in appointment to one of the remaining 20 openings and a joint committee representative of the Executive and Legislative branches of government interviewed nearly 50 applicants; and

WHEREAS, such committee through consensus has identified a diverse and representative slate of nominees for appointment to the 20 openings on the Comprehensive Plan Board.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the following named individuals are hereby appointed members of the “City of Albany Comprehensive Plan Board” as established by and in accordance with Resolution 25.31.07R (as amended):

Matthew Baumgartner
Samantha Bosshart
Kathleen Cloutier
Elizabeth Doran
Maxine Fantroy-Ford
Jeffery Gritsavage
Christopher Hawver
Helen Klaeysen
Herbert McLaughlin
Louise McNeilly
Jeffery Mirel
Sandra Misiewicz
Dennis Mosley
Brenda Motley
Robert Schofield
Gene Solan
Joseph Stellato
Karen Strong
Scott Townsend
Arlene Way

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Ryan Hancox is appointed a member of the “City of Albany Comprehensive Plan Board” representing the Planning Board.

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